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Bimm spills the beans about Lea&Tim.

In 2002 the brand Lea&Tim was founded in Pforzheim.

Starting with baby-bracelets - which are still a key-product-line from Lea&Tim - more and more children’s jewellery products are developed and manufactured.

Today Lea&Tim offers the most complete assortment of jewellery for kids made of gold and silver.

...for bright-eyed kids!

Our mission is based on children - wearing Lea&Tim’s jewellery with joy and fun.

Child-friendly jewellery with easy to handle and secure locks that survive many adventures in a sandbox or at school.



We take care of earth-friendly manufacturing and high quality of our products.

Health and safety of our young customers is in the first place!

Due to human and ecological reasons Lea and Tim refuse to produce their jewellery in so-called low-wage countries.

made in germany

Lea&Tim’s manufacture is located in Germany’s “gold-city” Pforzheim!

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